NEONET PLC is an experienced professional importer of hi-tech and industrial products of the world leading manufacturers to the territory of RUSSIAN FEDERATION and other countries participants of EURASIAN ECONOMIC UNION (EAEU):

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Exclusive distribution

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  • B2B, B2C and B2G

    Our company has started its activity in 2007 by gathering together professionals, possessing unique skills and competences in introduction to the Russian market of new perspective vendors and whole product directions, building complex import structure and processes, marketing and effective wholesale B2B, B2C and B2G channels.

    The basic principle of our business is exclusive distribution in our territory. This principle is the guarantee to the manufacturer of our full force concentration on market capturing, maintaining and expanding their brand market share.

  • Shareholders

    The NeoNet shareholders are:


    Ms Raisa Donskaya

    Deputy Director


    Mr Makarov Alexander

    General Director

    • Shareholders

Our staff

  • Key executive staff unchanged from year 2010
    Optimal and effective team of proven professionals

    Raisa Donskaya Deputy Director

    • Back office

    • Sales and Marketing Department

    • Central Stock and Service Department

    • Import and Logistics Department

    • Outsourced staff (regional partners)

Key aspects of our operation

  • • Import turnover (purchase) in 2021 of electronics and electrical equipment comprised 1,1 mln USD
  • • Own central stock in Moscow area, outsourced warehouses in 6 key regions
  • • Experienced Service team
  • • Own import and logistics staff


  • • Highly qualified many-year experience in building mutual interest relations with suppliers and manufacturers, including limited rights working conditions (intellectual property)
  • • Multi-directional competitors analysis
  • • Flexible, tailored and worked out in details import model implementation with each vendor
  • • Legal support, profound analysis and legal aspects evaluation of contract cooperation with supplier
  • • Financial management according to international banking rules: currency regulation and international finance monitoring
  • • Customs regulation: preparation of import license documentation of all level and complexity

  • ООО «НеоНет»

    NeoNet is your key to Russian area market

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      Юр. адрес

      123001, Москва,
      пер. Козихинский Б., 22,
      стр. 1, оф. 5А

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      Телефон, e-mail

      +7 495 626-11-90

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      ИНН, КПП, ОГРН


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      Генеральный директор

      Макаров А. А.

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